Some Characters

Kyra is a dinosaur! I think. You know, she’s never really come out and said one way or another. We do know that she was involved with some sort of laboratory. She’s intelligent, able to speak and understand human languages, strong, and curious. All of those combined provide us with a terrifyingly self aware adorable bundle of trouble who would eat you if you tasted better.

Paul is a sad cashier who lost his comic strip and subsequently all hope. However Kyra, who had seen his bizarre comic strip, mailed herself to him in hopes of some adventure. Too bad for her that Paul doesn’t get out, is pretty timid, and easily startled. But in the end she’ll bring adventure to his face and make sure he draws his comics, photography, or whatever he wants to do.

Beatrice is Paul’s neighbor but more of a friend to Kyra. Although she’s kind and caring she’s also quite shy. This might be a good thing because she’s also a bit eccentric. She’s so into studying bees that she actually has some living in her apartment. She also finds nothing unusual about Kyra being able to speak English which might explain their friendship. As they say, let’s BEE friends.

Jill is one of Paul’s coworkers at his sad, sad job of retail.  She’s worked with him for several years, so she knows how he used to be a decent guy who ran the photo section.  Sarcastic, fit, and healthy, she has a low tolerance of anyone being treated unfairly.  That’s why she gets so disgusted in Paul and his cowardliness.  Maybe that’s why he doesn’t know her very well.

Paul’s other neighbor’s a jerk. Mrs Lucinda hates everybody and despises today’s so called entertainment. Thus she thinks Paul’s wasting his time, Beatrice is a freak, and Kyra is the dumbest cat she’s ever seen. Speaking of cats, she has one called Mr. Muffins. He’s your typical apathetic cat who Kyra, for some reason, thinks is a good friend. If only he had the energy to say no.

Tyrone, or Ty as he’s called, is a student at the local college.  While he made be a computer and internet nerd, he’s also a dinosaur enthusiast and is studying paleontology.  So naturally he’s going crazy from bumping into Kyra all the time.  He’s a very confident individual, but if you can break through his cool exterior you can get him quite embarrassed.  *insert meme here* lawl

Naturally Paul’s neighborhood is full of wildlife. They fall into two groups for Kyra – friends, or friends that she’ll eat later. There’s a couple of squirrels in the nearby tree that she likes despite their apprehension towards her. Birds like grackles seem to be watching her. And bunnies and mice are tasty. But regardless, they all seem to be quite leery of that scary dinosaur thing.

A local stray cat that Kyra befriends.  Like our dinosaur friend, she’s feared by the other animals in town for her hunger and deadliness.  She’s good at fighting and full of street smarts, which happens when you live on them, that make her a great friend for Kyra.  She enjoys adventuring with Kyra for the thrills, to show her around, and morbid curiosity.  You know how cats are.

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    Needs Wild Stray and the MIB.

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    And Tyrone.

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