It’s an Archive

December 19th 58) Kyra and Jurassic World
December 16th 57) Kyra and Riptor
December 13th The FISH-ining move
December 10th And then something fishy
December 4th Learning things, big or small
December 1st Baring of ones soul too
November 27th Happy preffered turkey eating day
November 25th Oh how embarrassing
November 21st Ha ha … how awkward …
November 18th Making a splash or something
November 14th Better late than wetter
November 11th Needs a splash of splashing
November 7th Don’t be a wader, learn to love
November 3rd A break for some cute Kyra
October 30th What you see is what you wet
October 27th You should know wetter than that
October 23rd Swimming and losing
October 20th Water you doing there Paul
October 16th My pool party we do what we like
October 13th Ronnie, Sally, Bobby, and Mike
October 9th Who threw that into the pool?
October 6th Screaming? That’s not cool
October 2nd Might get a cramp under chin
September 29th Don’t eat much before you swim
September 25th How much fun a pool party be
September 22nd Come on in and you will see
September 18th In my swimming pool
September 15th To have a super party
September 11th I love you girl, you know it’s true
September 8th Another story starting at work
September 4th 56) Kyra vs Laundry 4
September 1st 55) Kyra vs Laundry 3
August 28th 54) Kyra vs laundry 2
August 25th 53) Kyra vs laundry 1
August 19th And that is all for the mall
August 14th Eon’s not at the mall, but at work
August 11th Mall stuff, oh that’s scary
August 7th Mall is a place to – OH MY!
August 4th Who’s the fairest of the mall?
July 30th Trouble in the mall? Pshaw!
July 26th Is there a brawl at the mall
July 23rd Whoosh a squall in the mall
July 18th People are the wall in the mall
July 15th Have the gall to talk in a mall
July 11th Your butt must haul in mall
July 9th No suspicious drawl in the mall
July 4th Don’t fail or fall when in the mall
July 1st The junk we saw in the mall
June 26th Kid’s aren’t tall even at the mall
June 23rd The line will crawl at the mall
June 19th Jill and Kay and Paul at mall
June 16th Welcome one and all to mall
June 12th Start of fun is coming in
June 9th Planing for fun is taking off
June 5th Lots of fun is coming up
June 2nd Secrets for keeping secrets
May 29th Secrets of being a leader
May 22nd Secrets for sending reports
May 19th Secrets for lifting weights
May 16th 51) Kyra vs Prank Calls
May 13th 50) Kyra vs work calling
May 9th 49) Kyra vs a telemarketer
May 6th Hang up before shame’s up
May 1st Wrong number would encumber
April 28th Texting was not perplexing
April 24th This trial needs no redial
April 21st The call was always your calling
April 16th That phone makes you a phoney
April 12th If I opened up it would set me free
April 7th Do some self atonement
April 4th Many awkward moments
March 31st Global franchise bought and sold
March 25th Place where common people go
March 22nd And it would set me free
March 18th And I would lose myself
March 14th Understand the land I live in
March 10th Know what folks were thinking
March 7th Think it was good for me
March 3rd Think I should watch TV
February 27th Things that’s a sound … thing
February 24th Things that make music sing
February 20th A machine you can’t ignore
February 17th A machine you now abhor
February 14th Gizmo on hand during shock
February 10th Gizmo while snooping, no talk
February 6th A thing for when songs are sung
February 3rd A thing while you outside run
January 30th A tool when in a beehive room
January 27th A tool to make a small voice boom
January 24th A friend is here while still alone
January 20th A friend is there, on the phone
January 16th A device that gets a shake
January 13th A device to not forsake
January 9th I’ve worked on them with a frown
January 6th I’ve seen computers break down
January 2nd 48) Santa by Kyra and Kay 4
December 30th 47) Santa by Kyra and Kay 3
December 26th 46) Santa by Kyra and Kay 2
December 23rd 45) Santa by Kyra and Kay 1
December 19th 44) You want corn? I give you corn
December 16th 43) And much science was done
December 12th Waight is probably the right way
December 9th Weighted companion cube wait
December 5th They’re the weight’s waiters
December 2nd Wait, weight is really scary
November 28th Unhappy Black Friday
November 25th Happy Turkey Day
November 21st Weight, are those waits?
November 18th Why not lift your own wait
November 14th Wait of the world’s on you, Kyra
November 11th Keep weighting for green help
November 7th Weighting for the door
November 4th Weight, where are you going?
October 31st What are you weighting for?
October 28th This competition just can’t weight
October 24th Strong makes madness prolong
October 21st Strong? So go in headlong!
October 17th Strong and loud like a gong
October 14th Strong, grab trouble with tong
October 10th Strong in a sudden throng
October 7th Strong with complaining song
October 3rd Strong helps us get along
September 30th Strong when somebody is wrong
September 26th 42) Kyra vs Kyra
September 23rd 41) Drawing for friends of friends
September 19th With a little bit of ICK … ICK
September 16th You gotta take the trash out
September 12th Hey you, disgusting slob
September 9th You better hold your nose
September 5th There’s something rotten here
September 2nd Who’s stopping all the droppings
August 29th We’re not done on dung just yet
August 26th Don’t be fickle dealing with fecal
August 22nd Lots of wit to argue over it
August 19th No excitement for excrement
August 15th Song sung is not for dung
August 12th The sewer is for manure
August 8th Scooping out before pooping out
August 5th Frustrated enough to say TUSH
August 2nd Not our story’s tail end
July 30th Headquarters for Hindquarters
July 25th Rude, no ifs ands or buts
July 23rd Examining the extremities
July 18th Forward thinking, not back side
July 15th Happiness has reached the bottom
July 12th Dancing gets you off your seat
July 10th Humor that gets left behind
July 8th The beginning and not the end
July 5th 40) TV dinner’s not thinner part 1
July 3rd 39) BLT for Me part 1
July 1st 38) Waffle-ly good adventure part 1
June 28th 37) Shoes and Sketches
June 26th 36) Booty shaking beats
June 24th 35) Cat nap … and dinosaur
June 21st 34) Kyra’s now the stylist
June 19th Styles with friends in the end
June 17th It brings us all together
June 14th Style with cleaners take awhile
June 12th Style now has cleaner textile
June 10th Style has made hair mobile
June 7th Style putting you to trial
June 5th Style could lead to a defile
June 3rd Style makes compliment stockpile
May 31st Style is making you vile
May 29th Style not fit on the reptile
May 27th Wedding Break 2
May 24th Wedding break 1
May 22nd Style, what did you defile
May 20th Style on her goes the extra mile
May 17th BATH will lead to wrath
May 15th BATH, math, then perfect hair
May 13th BATH then path the way for hair
May 10th BATH time is now hair time
May 8th BATH-water is now all water
May 6th BATH-olith sinks like a rock
May 3rd BATH-room will need a bath now
May 1st BATH-os has been made by soap
April 29th BATH-oses is what this is
April 26th BATH-ymetry of your tolerance
April 24th BATH-ymetric done with great care
April 22nd BATH is the location we’re at now
April 19th A friend to not reprimand
April 17th Friendship level can ascend
April 15th Friend, your head needs a mend
April 12th Greet a friend, names they send
April 10th I’ve a friend off the deep end
April 8th You’ve got a friend to the very end
April 5th 33) Uh-oh, it’s something fishy
April 3rd 32) Uh-oh, it’s a Vampire
April 1st 31) Uh-oh, it’s a Marsupial
March 29th 30) Don’t do an art collab
March 27th 29) Don’t sleep in the tree tops
March 25th 28) Don’t play with your food
March 22nd It’s soup to shoop da whoop
March 20th Is this soup or is it poop
March 18th What’s that goop it’s Kyra’s soup
March 15th Regroup, now bring new soup
March 13th Don’t cry and droop over soup
March 11th Tears swoop over ruined soup
March 8th Spoon, scoop, serve that soup
March 6th Be a dupe and you ruin the soup
March 4th Mix and swoop, because it’s soup
March 1st Would soup a la mode stop a cold
February 27th Steps are twofold to stop this cold
February 25th Plan withhold to stop that cold
February 22nd The heat of gold will stop that cold
February 20th It’s not mold it’s soup for a cold
February 18th Soup of gold shall stop that cold
February 15th Gentlemen behold, fixing a cold
February 13th Truth be told, it’s only a cold
February 11th A sound so bold, it must be a cold
February 8th 27)Kyra’s thoughts on the economy
February 6th 26) Kyra’s thoughts on elections
February 4th 25) Kyra’s thoughts on war
February 1st And now a troubling future
January 30th And now some scary stuff
January 28th And now some interrogations
January 25th This rain is as plain as our senses
January 23rd Rain falls without my help
January 21st Jackets, because there’s still rain
January 18th Escape from rhyming with jacket
January 16th Got a jacket, now attack it
January 14th Your jacket needs a fact check
January 11th Another jacket trying to pack it
January 9th He’s in a jacket, building up debit
January 7th A jacket with a packet … of nuts
January 4th Holiday Breakest
January 2nd Holiday Breaker
December 31st Holiday Break
December 28th This jacket might bleed scarlet
December 26th Your jacket blew their gasket
December 24th His jacket’s making a racket
December 21st I know … it can’t stop, I wonder
December 19th Through the circle, fast and slow
December 17th Until forever, on it goes
December 14th Been that way for all my time
December 12th Sun is cold and rain is hard
December 10th Yesterday and days before
December 7th Shining down like water
December 5th It’ll rain a sunny day
December 3rd When it’s over, so they say
November 30th It’s been coming for some time
November 28th There’s a calm before the storm
November 26th Someone told me long ago
November 23rd 24) Kyra and the Iguana part 6
November 21st 23) Kyra and the Iguana part 5
November 19th 22) Kyra and the Iguana part 4
November 16th 21) Kyra and the Iguana part 3
November 14th 20) Kyra and the Iguana part 2
November 12th 19) Kyra and the Iguana part 1
November 9th Best friends just like family
November 7th Best friends just like caregivers
November 5th Best friends just like friends
November 2nd Pour champagne, no more gang
October 31st Words sharp as a fang at this gang
October 29th Abstain from stopping this gang
October 26th Meringue dessert, gang desert
October 24th Hang with or just hang this gang
October 22nd Pain, courtesy of this new gang
October 19th Oh dang, uncooperative gang
October 17th Questions unchained from gang
October 15th Questions refrained in this gang
October 12th They don’t complain in this gang
October 10th There’s the pain from this gang
October 8th Use some slang on this gang
October 5th Home, and the camera’s watching
October 3rd Home, such a funny feeling
October 1st Home, with our bodies touching
September 28th Home, no-one ever speaking
September 26th Home, where wheels are turning
September 24th Home, were they telling the truth
September 21st Home, why I keep returning
September 19th Home, with the neighbors fighting
September 17th Home, where my world’s breaking
September 14th 18) Random with who?
September 12th 17) Random with noses
September 10th 16) Random with Pokemon
September 7th And Kyra is the cutest of them all
September 5th Cute end, that’s what it’s a-boot
September 3rd Cute? No? Time to uproot
August 31st Cute? They’re each a mean brute
August 29th Cute ideas, I cannot dispute
August 27th Cute blackmail, ya darn old coot
August 24th Cute, but the logic’s not astute
August 22nd Cute drawing makes friends dilute
August 20th Cute, might be the problem’s root
August 17th Cute but gave the party the boot
August 15th Cute has a horse’s patoot
August 13th Cute, but compliments are moot
August 10th Pretty in pink, isn’t she
August 8th Pretty girl rock, rock, I can do the
August 6th Pretty fly, for a green gal
August 3rd Pretty girl in the mirror there
August 1st Pretty woman, walking down
July 30th Pretty art of the dress
July 27th Pretty woman, and dinosaur too
July 25th Pretty word is quite absurd
July 23rd Pretty interesting idea of beauty
July 20th Pretty and smart and adorable
July 18th Pretty room or impending doom
July 16th Pretty scary? That’s quite contrary
July 13th Pretty good way to travel
July 11th Pretty good way to attract
July 9th Pretty sure you’re being watched
July 6th Kid, your baby logic, now undid
July 4th Kid, from the trunk to the mid
July 2nd Kid, she didn’t kick your eyelid
June 29th Kid, your fear is not hid
June 27th Kid, baby lizard brain’s off the grid
June 25th Kid, that lady flipped her lid
June 22nd Stone love with nothing to lose
June 20th Everyone’s happy to be baby daddy
June 18th This old rose is always in bloom
June 15th People outside, I recall sweet times
June 13th Chains and bars, but I am still free
June 11th Halfway home from a window seen
June 8th Sawed in half by passage of time
June 6th Soul to soul, a kiss and a sigh
June 4th But first, something at the zoo
June 1st 15) So it’s come to ponies …
May 30th 12) Friends in the summer
May 28th 13) Kyra makes lots of noise
May 25th Thought you never had fun
May 23rd Thought we were going to the park
May 21st Thought you where thoughtless
May 18th Thought you weren’t my friend
May 16th Croc-a-gator’s a foundation layer
May 14th The crocodile’s a pooping pile
May 11th That alligator’s a masticater
May 9th After while crocodile
May 7th See ya later Alligator
May 4th Think before you’re extinct
May 2nd Think as they go ka-CHINK
April 30th Think before you eat, drink
April 27th Think with a safety shrink
April 25th Think then in madness sink
April 23rd Think as they nudge and wink
April 20th Think before destruction’s brink
April 18th Think and talk in sync
April 16th Think and try not to stink
April 13th Play, eat, then enter the fray
April 11th Play without going astray
April 9th Play and try not to naysay
April 6th Play my way or the highway
April 4th Play is controversial I daresay
April 2nd Play then eat grains not hay
March 30th Play is here to hopefully stay
March 28th Play throughout the Milky Way
March 26th Play discussed in meaningful ways
March 23rd Play is something you do your way
March 21st Play today now begins at last
March 19th Start to depart tattoo ignorance
March 16th Start to thwart those odd thoughts
March 14th Start a rampart, it’s play time
March 12th Start to impart yoga knowledge
March 9th Start the heart where your home is
March 7th Start the cart love on trains
March 5th Start smart in cars too I guess
March 2nd Start cardiac excitement
February 29th Start to dart through technology
February 27th Smart art in the morning
February 24th 12) Bestest friend present
February 22nd 11) And now a word about celery
February 20th 10) Kyra and some sort of a thing
February 17th Eon has the beat on with crazy
February 15th Eon is no peon but queen
February 13th Eon is seeing that Kyra’s gone
February 10th Paul and Kyra wrap the night up
February 8th Kyra a smarty karty farty head
February 6th Kyra so cute … she said what?
February 3rd Kyra knows what’s saddy-waddy
February 1st Kyra try food oh it’s sad no good
January 30th Kyra no wanna eat aw noes
January 27th Paul and Kyra and din-din time
January 25th Paul and Kyra and responsibility
January 23rd Paul and Kyra do not know
January 20th Paul and Kyra back at home
January 18th Ty and Kyra build it up
January 16th Ty and Kyra break it down
January 13th What’s up now doc? Your life!
January 11th What’s … gosh, dinosaur’s scary
January 9th What’s up … seriously, what’s up?
January 6th What’s up … wait, this is silly
January 4th What’s up doc? Your remaining time
January 2nd What’s that Doc? It’s mighty Kyra
December 30th What’s up doc? Friendship report
December 28th What’s down doc? Happy spirits
December 26th What’s there doc? Scared people
December 23rd What’s right doc? Ty’s kind words
December 21st What’s down there doc? Just Kyra
December 19th What’s up doc? Your rates, jerk
December 16th What’s left doc? Those other two
December 14th What’s up Doc? Her mood at least
December 12th What’s up doc? Not Kyra’s mood
December 9th Doc, doc? So many doctors!
December 7th Doc, walk it off then cry about it
December 5th Doc, gawk at our discoveries
December 2nd Doc, awkward question time
November 30th Doc, knock out with a hammer
November 28th Doc, chalk up your findings
November 25th Doc, sock it to me with knowledge
November 23rd Doc, stalk no more for dinosaur
November 21st Doc, talk about what you’re doing
November 18th Good morning, now a warning
November 16th Good morning, questions soaring
November 14th Good morning, she’s adoring
November 11th Good morning, never boring
November 9th Good morning, that’s abhorring
November 7th Good morning, you’re snoring
November 4th History not for me too scary
November 2nd History is always in the past
October 31st History going to the future
October 28th 9) Typical Halloween comic
October 26th 8) Really old original comic
October 24th 7) Muffin Cupcake Wars part 4
October 21st 6) Muffin Cupcake Wars part 3
October 19th 5) Muffin Cupcake Wars part 2
October 17th 4) Muffin Cupcake Wars part 1
October 14th 3) Bread Bed
October 12th 2) Mall again
October 10th 1) Muffin
October 7th Finally some dreams for dreaming
October 5th Then there’s a heartfelt moment
October 3rd First everybody says goodbye
September 30th Thoughts on the future soon
September 28th Thoughts made by the Paul
September 26th Thoughts on the BIG answer
September 23rd Thoughts on the BIG question
September 21st Thoughts on why Kyra escaped
September 19th Thoughts on Kyra’s first home
September 16th Thoughts about Kyra’s safety
September 14th Thoughts while enduring cuteness
September 12th Thoughts about kids and dinos
September 9th Jill, Kay, Paul, and Kyra too
September 7th Jill hears Paul’s puppy story too
September 5th Jill listens to Paul and a Puppy
September 2nd Jill in Paul’s personal space
August 31st Jill and Kay and a camera
August 29th Jill sees Kay as she looks
August 26th Jill has fists of steel, heart of gold
August 24th Jill spins a sad sad tale
August 22nd Jill and her family and stuff
August 19th Jill puts Paul’s foot in his mouth
August 17th Jill tells an interesting story
August 15th Jill saw people talking to person
August 12th Jill tells it like it is
August 10th Jill has your day all planed out
August 8th Jill wants your attention
August 5th Hey Joe, what-do-ya know
August 3rd Hey Joe, friendship is supernatural
August 1st Hey Joe, where you goin’
July 29th WRITING was her original plan
July 27th WRI … aww, I’m depressed now
July 25th WR … oh gosh, don’t hurt me
July 21st WRI … wait, how cute is Kyra
July 20th WRITE and magic and cuteness
July 18th WRITE in shining armor for cats
July 15th WRITE the way through ignorance
July 13th WRITE-eous fury for knowledge
July 11th WRITE it down while around town
July 8th WRITE away she’s incorrect
July 6th WRITE of angels sing thee thy plan
July 4th WRITE-ing and battling friends
July 1st WRITE unseen, this is awesome
June 29th WRITE succumbing to darkness
June 27th WRITE and day she’ll be reading
June 24th The book I read was in your eyes
June 22nd I found out you wrote the book
June 20th It hit the soft spot in my heart
June 17th I’m embarrassed to admit
June 15th I have to sing bout the book I read
June 13th I’m writing about the book I read
June 10th And now some final thoughts
June 8th And now for some wonderful goals
June 6th History is looking for thee
June 3rd History with generosity
June 1st History with some secret-ry
May 30th History of peace and love
May 27th History and it’s mystery
May 25th BEES-oning with intelligent ideas
May 23rd BEES going to be a learning girl
May 20th BEES tell me you can read
May 18th Shh-rouded in adorable mystery
May 16th Shh-ow and tell, mostly show
May 13th Shh-ould’ve been better in the end
May 11th Shh-oot, that’s quite surprising
May 9th Shh-elves with your favorite books
May 6th Shh-eets of paper with words
May 4th Shh-charades are so awkward
May 2nd Shh-nooping as usual I see
April 29th Shh-ifty and sneaky escape
April 27th Shh-e’s really into that book
April 25th Shh! Hush now, quiet now
April 22nd Playing football cross country
April 20th Problem solved with a faster one
April 18th No, this isn’t how you play
April 15th Wait, is that how you play
April 13th Always singing the same song
April 11th When I look at each other
April 8th Put them back where they belong
April 6th See me put things together
April 4th Between right & wrong bad & good
April 1st I’ve been finding the difference
March 30th Believing the things that are true
March 28th And I’ve been walking, talking
March 25th PET-rinarian or expert needed
March 23rd PET out of the bag, and yard
March 21st PET on the leash or I’ll have to
March 18th PET and bid and gamble the result
March 16th PET-rified by what she can think of
March 14th PET-ty mishaps all over town
March 11th PET-stering you about your lizard
March 9th PET-er make sure she has toys
March 7th PET-ty sure you pet is awesome
March 4th Friendly cat and flabbergasted Paul
March 2nd Misunderstood cat is friendly
February 28th Misunderstood cat perhaps
February 25th Mean cat might go splat
February 23rd Mean cat gets knocked flat
February 21st Mean cat knows where it’s at
February 18th Mean animals make stuff up
February 16th Mean animals don’t enjoy listening
February 14th Mean animals let insults fly
February 11th Mean animals give the bird
February 9th Captain Kitty 3 part seconteen
February 7th Captain Kitty 3 part eight-ish
February 4th Captain Kitty 3 part eleven
February 2nd Captain Kitty 3 part four
January 31st Captain Kitty 3 part one
January 28th Play with your best enemy
January 26th BEE-ing a helpful friend
January 24th BEE-ing a fun friend
January 21st Play with a species best friend
January 19th Play rough tough and stuff
January 17th Play with squirrel sudo-friends
January 14th Play with your animal friends
January 12th Play to talk about for days
January 10th Play as we did yesterday
January 7th Okay, wait, it’s not fun anymore
January 5th Fun that might not be fun
January 3rd Fun that needs some assurance
December 31st Fun on the personal computer
December 29th Fun with the meaning of fun
December 27th Fun with being sad some more
December 24th Learning about something else
December 22nd Learning about the Kyra
December 20th Learning about the sadness
December 17th Learning about the middleman
December 15th Learning about the production
December 13th Learning about the currency
December 10th Eduman-a-cationion-ined
December 8th Understanding edu-ma-cation-ing
December 6th Figuring out the goings ons
December 3rd I knew shopping drives you mad
December 1st Wow, shopping is dangerous
November 29th Forget shopping, what’s that
November 26th Shop, drop, roll, and be confused
November 24th Shop it like it’s hot
November 22nd Shop in the cart & you’re too late
November 19th Shop the world and melt with you
November 17th Shop dragging my cart around
November 15th Shop crackle pop, they’re great
November 12th Shop around the block tonight
November 10th Shop, in the name of love
November 8th Shop, tell me, what’s that sound
November 5th Disgusting, Mr clean is out of here
November 3rd Okay, Mr clean is grossed out
November 1st Wait, Mr clean is confused
October 29th Mr clean and a job well done
October 27th Mr clean will help you through
October 25th Mr clean has all the right tools
October 22nd Mr clean knows what to do
October 20th Mr clean is in your dreams
October 18th Mr clean will clean your house
October 15th And now, deep thoughts at night
October 13th People like to put the tv down
October 11th Television made me what I am
October 8th World crashes into my living room
October 6th What food is or isn’t but is
October 4th ART-ificial solution of smash
October 1st ART thou destroying fun
September 29th ART-n’t you glad she’s there
September 27th ART-istic expression from Kyra
September 24th Don’t forget the rubber ducky
September 22nd The return of friends and stuff
September 20th The return of joy and Paul
September 17th HIVE music not prerecorded
September 15th HIVE-n’t had a good school day
September 13th HIVE-y league or state university
September 10th HIVE-ing a wonderful class
September 8th HIVE a college, yes I do
September 6th HIVE-school is past, now college
September 3rd BEE-ten and defeated foods
September 1st BEE-fuddling use of the word good
August 30th BEE-hind a terrible aura
August 27th BEE-friending farmers is fun
August 25th BEE-nevolence comes from veggies
August 23rd BEE-ts and other fruits and veggies
August 20th BEE-tween the lanes of sadness
August 18th BEE-ing lonely isn’t enjoyable
August 16th BEE-atrice has at least one friend
August 13th And now, business and fears
August 11th And now, squirrels and sadness
August 9th But who looks at the look-at-ers
August 6th Lizard’s bite bigger that grill
August 4th To stop a mean head’s grill
August 2nd For why does doom go boom
July 30th A Grill with zooms and dooms
July 28th Fire is bad and indeed hot
July 26th What’s inside the grill counts
July 23rd Harold’s gratuitous grill machine
July 21st I dream of great grill grilling
July 19th A break for a breakless Paul
July 16th Dang it, that’s quite the grill dream
July 14th Yep, that’s some fine grill learning
July 12th A sad grill seller, that’s asinine
July 9th King of the Grill’s this guy
July 7th That girl ain’t right for grills
July 4th Checking out grills and Kyra
July 2nd Taking grill food in the suburbs
June 30th Suburbs can have adventure too
June 28th The Suburb has some brave people
June 25th Suburb, silliness, guys, girls, grill
June 23rd A Suburb possibly has a dog
June 21st A suburb might contain a lunch or two
June 18th Pick yourself a vehicle and rollout
June 16th It’s the only way to live in cars
June 14th Here in my car I feel safest of all
June 11th If I can open my door in cars
June 9th Cars are needed for move
June 7th Cars are things that move
June 4th Cackle like grackle, road spackle
June 2nd Snap Grackle Pop road crossing
May 31st Why did Kyra cross the road
May 28th Squirrels are terrified today
May 26th Squirrels to be friends today
May 24th Squirrels are in the trees today
May 21st Playing with the mouse inside
May 19th Raido killed the daily blues
May 17th Morning of hopes and dreams
May 14th Boogie woogie bye bye
May 12th Feel the music of the night
May 10th Boggidy boggidy BOO
May 7th Looking for boogies in places
May 5th Dance, boogie horrorland
May 3rd Feels like it’s watching me
April 30th Home sweet home I own
April 28th Hope for a bestester tomorrow
April 26th Seeing the worse of better
April 23rd Making the worse of enemies
April 21st Making the best of friends
April 19th Man’s best friend I guess
April 16th For the birds and for fun
April 14th Where familes or creeps are
April 12th Going out with a fishoomb
April 9th Spirit and shoe of power
April 7th Will someone intervene
April 5th Maybe it’s an action sequence
April 2nd Scared, confused, and scaly
March 31st Pwissh pwoosh gas sounds
March 29th With friends like these
March 26th They’re also in the walls
March 24th Pestering you about pests
March 22nd Of Mice, Men, and Bees
March 19th Mice? Mice! Miiiiiice!
March 17th Man dives, down goes trap
March 15th Move hand, bowling ball tub
March 12th Boot marble, roll down stairs
March 10th Turn crank, stop sign boot
March 8th Mice need a label maker
March 5th Aaar, there be mice here
March 3rd If you give a mouse a cookie
March 1st Biggest bestest animal home
February 26th Horrible, but still somehow cute
February 24th Different then a cereal killer
February 22nd Pet store going once more
February 19th Eat wisely my good friend
February 17th Sing a song with a friend
February 15th Curious hands of a curious lizard
February 12th When neighbors set for revenge
February 10th Obligatory end to the begining
February 8th Obligatory setup to get started
February 5th Obligatory introduction of Kyra
February 3rd Obligatory introduction of characters
February 1st Obligatory introduction of Paul
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th
January 7th Bar Section 2
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th
December 24th Bar Section 1
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th
December 10th Bananas
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th
November 26th The Cat!
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th
November 12th Chess
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th
October 29th Toaster
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th
October 15th Neighbor
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st
October 1st Shopping
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th
September 17th Reptile Owners
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd
September 3rd Kyra