Man that Kyra, just a little stinker.

Rather humorous problem showing up while trying to advertise this month.  What with everywhere I go I’ve been competing heavily with squishable, makers if those lovably squishable giant plush animals.  Heck, I probably have one or two adds on my site right now.  They must be pushing hard for Christmas.  I suppose they can make it up to me with a giant round plush Kyra.

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  1. Cheveux says:

    Nice comic as always, I love what you did in the background of panel 10.

  2. Relaxing Dragon says:

    I've got +44's 'Baby Come On' going through my head after panel 10, and not even for a good reason there.

    After archive binging and catching up from the start to now in a few days, I think I can safely say I love this comic and everything in it. Keep up the awesome work dude!

  3. Riasiru says:

    I see an add for… Cthuluhu owning rights to my digital soul?… WTF!?

    But no plushy anything on your site… I normally don't pay attention to Ad space… Selective ocular exclusion. It's like selective hearing, but with sight! ^_^

  4. Andrea says:

    I like seeing your ads on other sites I populate. Its pretty cool, and they are pretty adorable. I loved the one with the bunny that Kyra was about to eat. (I think that was the best one so far)

  5. aimless_void says:

    I'm glad to see the Mann-conomy is flourishing even within this little niche of the web-i-verse! Also: I spy Jamie and Adam in the penultimate panel, perhaps?

    In any case, I'm loving Kyra's dialogue in this strip, so simple and yet so complex at the same time!

  6. Taburineagle says:

    I love how deep Kyra is – it would be awesome to hear more about her past (if she wants to tell it of course :))

    I have seen the Squishable adds on here before, but their contract must be up? Either that, or the ads just rotated to something else.

  7. KreeTheBasilisk says:

    I discovered your wonderful comic because of a banner ad! :)

    Ohh man I just can't get enough of Kyra's speech pattern! It's a fun mix of mangled and still readable at the same time.

  8. ~X~ says:

    Wooh! Mythbusters~!

  9. zaffa says:

    Kyra is like some puddles after a rainy day:
    You jump in expecting something shallow, childish, and not really special.
    …And then you find out it was roadwork and you're up to your neck in mud.
    SO YEAH unexpectedly deep, and most likely unintentionally so on her part.

  10. Page-Mistress says:

    Awesome, Jamie and Adam in the background!

    This makes the second comic Jamie has appeared in!

  11. Superduck says:

    I want to comment, but i don't know what to say.
    Wait…there i go :D

    Actually, first panel, is Kyra eating something? She has a chubby cheek.

  12. Asparagus says:

    You know, your art style for this is perfect.

  13. PikalaxALT says:

    I spent the whole of last night reading this comic from the very beginning. I must say, it's my absolute favorite webcomic to date.

  14. BlueNight says:

    Kyra is such a wonderful character for me as the audience. Her words are fascinating to try to understand, and her poses are so full of life.

  15. fables says:

    Oh my dog! Kyra is just the most adorable thing I've ever seen! SQUEEE

  16. the rev says:

    love how you got guys from mythbusters in background – love comic – keep it up

  17. detour says:

    wait mythbusters blow stuff up……mythbusters+kyra=???

  18. TacoTownUSA says:


    wait. that looks like my beret.

  19. Asparagus says:

    Incidentally, where do YOU come up with these wonderfully odd and deep ideas?

  20. zy-fi says:

    I like the way Paul's Kirby shirt reflects his emotion.

    btw I love this comic! Definitely in my top 5.

    • PikalaxALT says:

      That discovery is like a big tomato, exciting and very windy. (lol wtf? Sometimes, Kyra is deep, but usually she makes no sense in what she says.)

  21. andrwblz says:

    Thanks again for all the comments people. They're full of comments. See, I figured out how it all works!

    Where do I get my ideas from? Not really sure, actually. It usually starts with a doodle or staring into blank space. Once the idea's formed I mull over it for a few days, make a preview page, then make the real one. The text usually gets revived the most, especially Kyra's for obvious reasons.

  22. Serastroph says:

    …is that the mythbusters in the last panel?
    Nice page as usual, I'm loving that little lizard ^^b

  23. Jared says:

    I can't stop loving Kyra. She's so brilliant, while talking such a broken, simple english.

  24. mobiuszero says:


  25. Mausy Anon says:

    Now Kyra will have to go after the political leaders, businessmen, and other higher people of society on some sort of spleen rampage once she finds out how our "systems" work, but at least Paul has been able to figure out her first instincts… right?

    Or, "Kyra Goes to Washington".

  26. Superduck says:

    I usually dream ideas up, and write them down when i'm awake.

    Your way sounds boring X ')

    Quack. ¬,,¬

  27. crazyredemu says:

    If you ever decide to sell merchandise or what not a life size figurine of Kyra that I could set on my shelf (next to my Godzillas) would be awesome or at lest a shirt. That may not be what u want to do tho, it was just a thought.
    Anywho it sounds like we will be finding out more about Kyra I can't wait!

    • andrwblz says:

      Merchandise is something I've been planning for long time. I just haven't had the time to get it all set up. I've also been trying to get more readers first, since that's the most important part. After that T-shirts are, of course, a given. But first I have to find a place to make them.

      And don't say places like Cafepress, because the quality is only so-so and I'd have to charge my dear readers and arm and a leg just to earn a few bucks for myself.

      Someday down the road I agree, a Kyra figure or plushy or something would be great … if not too much to handle.

  28. Marscaleb says:

    I know it's been noticed and said before. but…

    Mythbusters in the background!

    …Aww, I'm all caught up. Now I have to read these just one comic every few days.

  29. Fauxlosopher says:

    Andrew, I love you in a platonic manner.

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