BEE-fuddling use of the word good

BEE-fuddling use of the word good

Now, I’m usually pretty stubborn about new crazy technology until they prove themselves to me.  I thought Twitter was a waste of time until I found a use for it.  But eventually something will finally blow me away and I go crazy with it.  I didn’t care are Netflix, but once I could stream TV shows off my game systems I replaced my cable with it.  Once MP3 players got cheaper I converted all my music to digital.  And now at long last, the time has come for me to ditch that land line and go full cellular android smart phone.  Soon I might be able to keep up on the site from my phone and get excited for ringtones.

Why do I bring this up?  Because almost exactly five years ago I made a week of PLTs making fun of celphones, especially this one.  Amazing what half a decade can do from a technological standpoint.

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  1. crazyredemu says:

    Any food that knows health burns at the touch of the King!!!

    (10 points to who ever knows what line I am spoofing!)

  2. Logak says:

    Kyra must devise some new, innovative way of torment for this creepy dude with the creepy beard. For fresh goodness!

  3. Crunchbite says:

    I wish things blew up when I say KA POW, I also love how theres a * after wholesome

  4. andrwblz says:

    Sounds familiar crazyredemu, so I guess that’s only worth 1 point.

    The only thing close to blowing things up with a KAPOW is how everything Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunter Force explodes when he throws it.

  5. Ansrit says:

    Waaaait a second, isn't honey already super-long-lasting? Why on Earth would you want to preserve it for a million years when your own unheathyness kills everything good and pure?

  6. andrwblz says:

    Not only is it long lasting, if properly stored it's the only food that will never spoil. So a thousand years later, that bottle of honey Beatrice has will still be editable. Since it's pure natural honey, though, it's usually very expensive. But a super fake kind of like honey substance will cost pennies to make and become some sort of eternal abomination … that you can conveniently find at your local fast food place.

  7. Ian says:

    You know what's ironic, the burger guy sounds like an idiot.

    Honey never goes bad.

    It lasts forever.

    Oh sure, it can harden and crystalize, but it never rots!

    So if his honey last longer, than it can go on further than infinity.

    I mean, we've found ancient honey stores XD

    We've found honey that's still good, in egyptian pyramids XD

    It's so silly! Honey doesn't spoil. It doesn't evaporate.

    Funny how we can digest regurgitated pollen, despite it never spoiling. You can't grow fungus, or bacteria really, in honey.

    It's like tree sap and amber (amber being a really old form of sap), they don't really go bad. All they can do is harden!

    It's almost as silly as saying "This glass can resist decaying longer than that glass." when, glass doesn't decay. Or, "This glass stays in a liquid state longer than your glass.", when, glass is believed to be constantly a liquid XD

    Now, to what Andrwblz said, it is true, pure honey may be expensive, but fast food honey is cheap. Along with that, one tastes amazing, and one is horrible. One is infinitely long lasting, the other, will eventually spoil for it's impurities.

    I think you know which is which XD

  8. littlefox says:

    ugh fast food. ick. i live in a small country town in australia and at our macas there is the worst food imaginable. i think they send the leftovers to my towns macas coz we're a small town in the middle of nowhere. the food is bad enough that not even my dog and my rat will eat it. it causes bad stomach aches and indigestion as well as other things i'd rather not discuss.

  9. AMOs says:

    I'm a bit late to the site crazyredemu, but I know what you're quoting: "Any man that knows fear burns at the touch of man-thing!" Right?

  10. Craig! says:

    Actually I find fast food to be a tad expensive per-meal. Local shit costs more outright, but you get more meals out of it.
    That said, fast food burgers are the delicious. All of the delicious.

  11. Mee says:

    Why is there an asterisk after wholesome?

  12. MagicalMudStain says:

    I find the third panel rather disturbing! Those eyes are staring into my soul, I tell' ya! °-°

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