Halfway home from a window seen

Halfway home from a window seen

Ah to be like Kyra and just sit around all day drawing.  Don’t get me wrong, drawing this comic is tons of fun.  I get to see crazy and cute things while telling an intriguing but sometimes goofy story.  But sometimes you just want to zone out and doodle whatever random madness comes to your mind.  Before I had this comic I would do that a ton and I’ve been trying to get back into it.  Think this comic gets weird?  I’m keeping this stuff toned down my friends.

Though I did have time to mess around with a paint program to make Kyra super darn cool wallpaper!

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  1. Chern says:

    Aww. Sending off Kyra on her first….wait I mean second….hold on….

    Well, at least he's sending her off.

    • andrwblz says:

      Probably the first one he was present for, or at least announced one. I bet Kyra could sneak off and have an adventure while Paul was absorbed in a game.

  2. Evoc says:

    "Reehe Raha N'ka!"
    Is basically the same sound of glee i make when comic updates.

    You should let us go through all those drawings of hers someday. Or better up, "Uh-oh, Its a Dinosaur" -Kyra edition!

    • andrwblz says:

      Not going to lie, I've toyed with the idea of making comics as if they were done by Kyra. Her art style, her types of stories, her frame of mind.

      As things are right now, however, I wouldn't have time for a project like that. I barely have time to make the two comics I have now. I'm sure as long as I can keep this comic going I'll have to get to it at some point. Maybe Paul can show Kyra how to use Kickstarter to publish a collection of artwork, heh.

      Poor Paul, Kyra really is his artistic rival.

  3. KreeTheBasilisk says:

    Paul should create/commission/purchase an itty-bitty backpack for Kyra! :D

    Not only would it be absolutely adorable, but it would probably be a lot more comfortable and reliable than that rubber band.

    And then he can go overboard and get miniature hats, shirts, pants, shoes, winter gear, pencils, notepads… etc :P

    • andrwblz says:

      Unfortunately Kyra thinks clothes are dumb because of her scales. They're also tough enough so that she wouldn't mind having a rubber band wrapped around her.

      That being said you are one hundred percent accurate – it would be absolutely adorable. Maybe somebody can talk her into it for the DAWWs, just once!

      • KreeTheBasilisk says:

        Ohh yes, I only assumed Paul might purchase clothes; I doubt he'd be able to convince her to wear them. Except perhaps in Winter, and even then only begrudgingly.

        But a backpack seems like a much easier sell, since it would probably be more reliable for holding art supplies than a rubber band :P

  4. I have a new browser-based RPG to play. Its called "Get Uh-Oh, It's a Dinosaur into the top 10". So long as I remember, you've got my daily vote :).

    I found this comic just doing a search and chose it from the listing on a whim. It really should be higher up on the rankings :). Its currently my top favorite, right next to Abominable Charles Christopher and Player vs Player.

    • andrwblz says:

      It certainly is possible to get into the top ten, but that would require a lot of votes every day. It's something those big comics can easily do through shear numbers which I don't have yet.

      But I am very impressed with everybody for keeping this comic in the top fifty so far this month. I'm glad to see the images I've been doodling have been enjoyable, and even happier to see it got somebody to visit the comic. More, there must be moooore!

  5. sharkoftheday says:

    For the record, if Paul's comic was actually real, I would read it every update.
    I happen to enjoy random, surreal art filled with irony, non-sequiturs, and self-referential and metacontent. So, from my perspective, you are free to be as weird as your heart's content will allow. :)

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