Think before you're extinct

Think before you’re extinct

And here you were all worried about the guns.  You’re silly.

What the animals say shouldn’t be disregarded.  Sometimes crazy people too.  Sure the animals might sound random or stupid to us, but it’s relevant conversations between themselves.  We just need to guess or wait.  After all, they mentioned that Kyra fighting Wild Stray would result in a blood bath several months before she even appeared.  They’re up to something.  I mean, are you sure one isn’t watching you realize this right now …

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  1. Evoc says:

    Yay! A friend for Kyra!

  2. DHGM says:

    Wow, I did not see that coming.

  3. Alex says:

    A dangerous friend for Kyra O_o I did not see that coming. I can see few things happening:

    1) Alligator become her newest friend :3
    2) Alligator become her DANGEROUS new friend and get killed for it
    3) Alligator eats Kyra

    Looks like we DID get hints from the birds. Time to pay attention to them closely.

  4. marscaleb says:

    I will admit that I didn't see this coming.

    I will also admit that I should be laughing at that last line about liberated zoo animals.

  5. bit says:

    I am just gonna go over here and close my blinds. No birds watching me please.

  6. I'd say Kyra has finally found her home: the dog-eat-dog reptile-eat-reptile home

  7. Alex says:

    wait, wait, wait.

    From what the birds had been hinting thanks to their spot-on prediction of Kyra vs Alligator…

    Will the THREE MYSTERIOUS DOGS be her next animal foes after this? Looking through those birds' commentary, those three same dogs were mentioned twice already.

  8. Anonymous says:

    But how can the alligator arrive…

    when Kyra IS the alligator?

  9. crazyredemu says:

    …..That poor poor gator isn't going to know what hit him!…wait *checks for eyelashes* yep he isn't going to know what hit him….
    How about Sludge cause he lives in the sewers?

  10. kavukamari says:

    maybe we can trick it into eating the angry lady instead of kyra?

    cause there's more meat on angry lady and she's not very nice :V

  11. FerreTrip says:

    WOOGAH, didn't expect a sewer gator…O_O;

    • Alex says:

      Time to expect the three dogs as Kyra's next potential foes.

      How to get away from this Alligator? Maybe Kyra can talk to it. Hopefully, cause she seems too small as a prey comparing to the humans next to them xD

  12. CowBellMan says:

    So this is what it is like to be below something on the food change.

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  14. Chern says:

    fail double post

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