Poor utilities.  How are they supposed to make money off of late fees now?

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  1. kae says:

    Don't worry – banks are making plenty off of overdraw fees. You're a few cents over drawn and BANG! Ten bucks gone.

    Love the comic.

  2. Cyberguy64 says:

    Hey, is that the fishtank from 95 Gallons there in the back?

    • DHGM says:

      I dunno, does that look like a 95 gallon tank? you don't keep a tank that holds 95 gallons in an apartment, you put it in a shopping mall or a fancy restaurant.

      Why would Doug get dressed up anyway?

    • andrwblz says:

      No, it's far too small to be 95 gallons. Doug bought said aquarium after Finding Nemo came out. This is an old webcomic.

  3. TacoTownUSA says:

    it's times like that that i'm glad i inherited my grandfather's suit collection.

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