Think with a safety shrink

Think with a safety shrink

This comic again is like the movie Inception.  Only instead of the plot getting deeper it’s getting derper.  And instead of mind bending twists we’re getting mind bending stupidity.  And instead of guns and action we’re getting … actually I better hold off on that one for now.  Thank goodness guns would probably be too large and awkward for Kyra to use.  Plus why bother when you have built in knives.

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  1. caligulasaquarium says:

    wwell at least its not fish

  2. crazyredemu says:

    MEAT MEAT MEAT!!!! Guess wich side Im on!

  3. Alex says:

    Oh boy, just when I thought it would ends, this has to continue to descend into radical nightmare :|

  4. Paradox says:

    The funny thing is that throughout the entire part with just the vegans, I kept having sudden cravings for meat, but now that the meat-aholics have arrived that broccoli in my fridge is looking quite delicious right now…

  5. Dereck says:

    Somehow, I felt that something preposterous like that would come along if Jill got the vegans calmed down. Love it!

  6. Cyberguy64 says:

    Omnivorous lifestyle FTW!

    It's like Paul lives inside the internet or something. Where else do all the crazies come out in broad daylight?

  7. marscaleb says:

    This is the reason why Paul stays inside.

  8. Alkarion says:

    so,now we will have what? nut guns, pea guns?, and meat guns? :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    In before it turns into the banana arc.

  10. Asparagus says:


  11. Brafisra says:

    A certain scene from Dragonheart comes to mind :D

  12. Taeruk says:

    I think I can feel my IQ dropping. ;~;

  13. Pogiforce says:

    Why is it I keep thinking Paul's run into the meat parade before? It's too late for me to check back through the comic but it seems like this isn't their first appearance to me.

  14. marscaleb says:

    Oh! The last guy is eating a rack of ribs; I thought that was his manly beard.

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