Is it still lame to say I remember watching My Little Ponies before it was cool?  Yes, yes it is.  Speaking of which, how about that season finale?  Had I known they could make a wedding episode so epic I would’ve had Phil and Millie’s yesterday too, heh.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Eh, he could always try to move in with Warc3.

  2. Aw, I really wanted to watch the season finale, but I had a choice between that and going to cosplay at the Mall of America. I guess being really strange around other people won out over being strange in my own home.

  3. LostInPhilly89 says:

    To quote Rainbow Dash, "best wedding ever!"

  4. TacoTownUSA says:

    if only my wedding would be like that, that wedding WAS th' best ever. or like my uncle Jim's. monkey in th' punch bowl, pigeons in th' cake, a beehive attacking my aunt Margret, and a gang of drunk hobos in pickup trucks driving through th' reception.

    god i love stupid people.

    and livestreams.

    and will Doug ever be truly responsible? or will he move into a room in Phil and Millie's basement and pay them rent?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well, since you saw the royal wedding, what color were Vinyl's eyes?

    • andrwblz says:

      When I watched it I didn't even notice that she had taken her glasses off. I was too busy watching Luna head bopping to her song. But the answer is a dark purplish color.

      • CowBellMan says:

        I agree. Even seeing a little bit of Luna was so awesome. So awesome that I bought the whole second season on Itunes. (So I can watch it on my IPod). Luna is the best pony. :)

  6. Marj says:

    I miss Tony Randal.

  7. Asparagus says:

    AAaaaah! I haven't seen the MLP season finale yet! But I can't help reading your comments. It's too bad I MEAN good thing there were no spoilers.

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