It’s less sad, what with disappointment already filling our hearts.

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  1. Mee says:

    Lucy hates him.

  2. New says:

    Lucy hates him.

  3. Alkarion says:

    so to not let him take her job place norvill as his assistant?

    on the bright side phil can fire norvill :)

  4. DHGM says:


    Although I understand, he was too funny a character to write out of the story.

  5. DrKnought says:

    Well, it's boring if everyone on the crew gets along together.

  6. Denton says:

    Yeah, but I've got a feeling the new crew won't stand for any of his funny business.

  7. TacoTownUSA says:

    oh sweet Celestia. Phil just got this dumbbutt out of his life, now he's back?

    th' comb-over actually surprises me.

    also, kudos if you remember which charecter first called Norville a dumbbutt and why.

  8. Chase says:

    MAN, I HATE this guy. Poor poor Phil. Things were finally looking up for him.

  9. will says:

    mate do you have a twitter?

  10. steve says:

    yep, its norvil….

  11. crazyredemu says:

    You know who is truly evil here? Andrew for being so mean to Paul!

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