Start to depart tattoo ignorance

Start to depart tattoo ignorance

“But Jill, wouldn’t all those tattoos be expensive?”
“Not when your friend is a tattoo artist who has a lot of solid color inks to get rid of.”

If you’d like a closer look at Jill’s ink then I guess you can see the newest background I whipped up.  My dearest apologies to not making as many background images as I had planned, but time is the resource I have the least of.  Perhaps someday in the future it will dawn on me that I make more comics then I have time for.  Until then we’ll have at least one comic every day!  Kyra has so much more mischief to achieve.

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  1. Just a guy says:

    “Less thinking and more Explosion!”
    You got it, Kyra:
    Jill’s back is like an action movie!

  2. 10d20Dragons says:

    It seems that Awesome people like dragons.

    Truly the one constant to the universe.

  3. It kind of surprises me Kyra hasn't asked about her green nails yet

    • turntechGodhead says:

      yeah now that you mention it
      that does seem like something
      this conversation would logically advance to

    • andrwblz says:

      She's undoubtedly seen nail coloring before. I'm sure all those goth people in the pet store had their share. There's so many crazy things for Kyra to make fun of us humans for, where will I find the time?

  4. turntechGodhead says:

    tattoos are one way to symbolize things
    but theyre a little pricey
    im surprised she can afford tattoos

    • elmernite says:

      “But Jill, wouldn’t all those tattoos be expensive?”
      “Not when your friend is a tattoo artist who has a lot of solid color inks to get rid of.”
      You do read the comments under each comic right? That is where some of the best jokes are sometimes!

    • andrwblz says:

      I actually wrote some jokes about that, but didn't have the space. I'll save them for next time. One thing to note is that she got all but one of them before Kayleen was born. She said she made money boxing and fighting beforehand. While she's using what's left of that money for her apartment and daycare I can see her spending it on tattoos, especially if they mean so much to her.

  5. Page-Mistress says:

    You know, I've noticed it before, but seeing Jill topless really seems to drive it home.
    Andrew, you don't see to draw girls with hips. I mean, Jill has barely any curves…

    • andrwblz says:

      When i draw females I know I give them wider hips than males. However it doesn't show too much on Beatrice because she's rather skinny so that could be part of the issue. Jill is more obvious, especially panel seven. Regardless, this sounds like a good excuse to practice drawing the ladies some more. I like drawing.

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