Start to thwart those odd thoughts

Start to thwart those odd thoughts

I think tattoos can be really neat looking.  While many of the ones I see are boring words or shapes, I’ve seen some amazing ones too.  One of my coworkers has a T-rex and a pirate duck.  A friend of a friend has a level from Sonic the Hedgehog on his leg.  Clearly there’s creativity and nerds to be found here.  I personally,wouldn’t get one though .  I hate needles and I’m not sure I could trust someone else drawing Kyra anyway.

Speaking of drawing, there’s something else in common between Kyra’s green stripes and Jill’s tattoos.  Originally I drew the lines and colored them before realizing how dumb that is.  They’re solid colors, just make them that way!  And yes, Kyra did indeed say “so far”  Have fun!

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  1. Hopper200456 says:

    Haha, I was like: "Woah, kyra, what?!"

    Great update as always.

  2. Smith0211 says:

    Last panel is the Kyra Trollface!

  3. Cyberguy64 says:

    Gah! Kyra! You put weird pictures in my head! Stop it!

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