Start a rampart, it's play time

Start a rampart, it’s play time

Paul better buy a bunch more dishes when he gets home.  I have a feeling he’ll run out before Kyra learns not to smash things.  She has a little difficulty understanding ownership.  While I’m sure some of it comes from growing up locked in a building, it’s mostly her not fully grasping that we actually had to buy those dishes and need them.  Especially since we have such giant toilet bowls full of water, ready to drink.

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  1. turntechGodhead says:

    oh my

  2. DHGM says:

    I'll be honest, I don't see this ending well.

  3. Dereck says:

    Yah funning!

  4. Smith0211 says:

    3rd panel. Jill has a Cutie Mark! /)^0^(

  5. raiuo says:

    funning responsibly? nay i say. we should knock over MOAR glasses!

    been reading for a while finally decided to comment, and loveing the comic.

    as for a question that was posted a few pages back, we shall be Kyrites, and as such we must learn Kyranese language of the great and almighty cuteness known as Kyra.

    • andrwblz says:

      Glad you're enjoying it and I hope you can continue to do so! Hopefully the love of Kyra will spread faster in real life than it does in the comic's world. Though in real life Kyra can't eat your face.

  6. Am I smart enough? says:

    The very last speech bubble bothers me. If that's Paul complaining, shouldn't there be a question mark instead? Because he's asking if he can pretend?
    But really, that's only a tiny problem. Please don't throw glasses at me!

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