Smart art in the morning

Smart art in the morning

And we’re back to our happy little story.  If you’ve been paying attention, you might know where they’re going next.  If you’re crazy to attention you might know what’ll happen once it gets going.  If you’re just plain crazy you know how it’ll all end.  Giant pies falling from the sky I think.  I told you it was crazy.

Since the voting thing works better at the beginning of the month I’ll have a new background ready by Friday.  I’m trying to make it extra special so it can do extra special things.  Special things for special readers!  Wait …

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  1. crazyredemu says:

    I have a guess, and I am crazy, it's in my user name after all…

  2. kavukamari says:

    it's like the equation to find the amount of Kyra's adorable-ness is (Adorable = Time ^ 2)

    • Calvin says:

      What unit do you use for time? Also, doesn't that mean Kyra's rate of Adorableness doubles at ever greater intervals? Actually, wait, lemme solve this…

      • Calvin says:

        …account for daylight savings…check for leap seconds…multiply by ignorance divided by stupid…to the power of the cube root of…

        Adorableness=N^Time, where Time/N~=5 weeks

        Wait, Kyra is twice as adorable approximately every 5 weeks…? Kyra is OVER 9000 (sorry) over 1000 times as adorable every year!

        Also, according to the relation between coolness and adorableness, Kyra becomes 20% cooler in 10 days flat! Wait, that doesn't sound quite right…

        • kavukamari says:

          I probably should have said Kyra's Adorableness = Time the comic has been going(in seconds) ^ 2

          so Akyra=Tcomic seconds^2

          so 1 second: 1 adorable point; 2 seconds: 4 adorable points

          it's just the running time of the comic multiplied by itself.

          • Calvin says:

            So having been running over 3/4 hundred million seconds, it takes Kyra over a year to merely double in adorableness? Blasphemy! I say Kyra is over three times as adorable every 2 months!

          • kavukamari says:

            Actually my equation has kyra's adorableness skyrocketing. it's been about 3 years which puts kyra's approximate adorable value at 8962556188191128.41 Adorables (according to google's "how many seconds in 3 years" search and then I squared it

  3. AirGlobal says:

    O im special all right..
    You have no idea how special i am!

  4. Asakari says:

    Kyra seems to be quite the enthusiastic drawer, I wonder if Paul will ever take her to an art museum.

  5. turntechGodhead says:

    i bet this one ends with that exterminator guy that kyra befriended revealing hidden depths and teaching kyra by painting like bob ross

  6. The automatic pencil: Mightier than the sword (or in kyra's case, probably the grill)

    • It seem to me that even the invading Aliens are fed up with the human kind. Is the click pencil the only thing made by us that works without a glitch? I have been following Kyra comic s for a long time and like it a lot.

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