And thus begins the comic “Paul and Kyra” which led to the creation of “Uh-oh, it’s a Dinosaur”  Originally this comic was updated every other Thursday where I would unleash upon the world an entire story.  This first one here you’re about to read is the longest and sets everything up.

After making ten chapters I wasn’t too happy with the artwork or how serious I feared myself making the comic.  So I ditched these plans and instead went to a three time a week full color schedule which has work wonders.  But for now, enjoy the original story that started it all.

Or, I guess, you could just skip ahead to the full color ones if you really want to.  I do a sort of re-introduction to everything so you won’t be too lost.  But you will be missing out on toasters and bananas and madness.  MADNESS!


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  1. crazyredemu says:

    I am going to read it again!

  2. Bobby Bill says:

    Personally, I liked these a lot better. I think they were a lot funnier, a lot crazier, and a bunch more enjoyable.
    But I guess the new ones are cool too.

  3. andrwblz says:

    Understandable. The advantage to the original style was one nice long story with more room to grow without having to break at the end of every page.

    But I feel the new style keeps me focused on the humor. I knew I had a problem after writing up the script to the original issue 11 – it was mostly just serious talk between Paul and Kyra. In the past I've had a problem of ruining original comic ideas with too much drama. So I'm glad I found a great way to keep the comic on track. Plus this way it's got color and detail.

    This is nice though. It'll help encourage me to work harder, which is something any creator needs to be working towards.

    • Sandman-Ivan says:

      Hay both styles are great, for the new ones you kinda just make up your own chapter endings =3, you stop when you feel like it XD. but still good job this is one creative storyline and it drew me in from one little banner ad (and im a person who would NEVER do that XD)

  4. hpkomic says:

    This is a cutely designed intro page, it's simple, but there's enough character in the image to pique a person's interest.

  5. view site says:

    You have done a wonderfully great job in writing these comics. I am happy that you had finally released the actual story that started the entire series of Kyra, which I read through Thursdays. I have to tell you that my kids enjoy it as much as I do.

  6. Seeen says:

    Bored, time to reread this!

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