WRITE succumbing to darkness

WRITE succumbing to darkness

Oh Kyra you’re so silly.  Which is good, because you were starting to make me sad there.  We’ll leave the sadness to emotional songs and such?  And sad with effort too!  It’s easy to make people cry with a character dying or a relationship break up.  I propose that if you can make your readers cry without resorting to either of those you’ve done a good job.  But for now, funny!

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  1. Crunchbite says:

    poor Kyra, learning that people wrote books was a big barrier for me to jump over too when I started reading, and it still seems odd, also is that an Alan Wake book I spy in the last panel?

  2. Draco Darastrix says:

    Maybe she should read a dictionary? ^^;

  3. Superduck468 says:

    Panel 10, the part of Kyra with be played by Yoshi the Dinosaur.

    Panel 5, she has borrowed such famous texts as "Latta Wooor Wir3A4" and Wag Gow!"
    I remember the first time i read those books. Such works of genius. I will cherish them always.

  4. zy-fi says:

    This reminds me of when I realized that loaves of bread don't grow on trees.

  5. Adam First says:

    A great laugh from the lines: "How has everyone else accomplished it? How did they find time for all of these sacred texts?"

    Tragedy and comedy in equal measure. No, not equal, more tragedy than comedy. You've really set up an interesting situation!

  6. AquaLink says:

    i love that the one book is by alan wake. great game!

  7. Piki says:

    No kidding? I grew outside America and first thing I remember, there were these mini-books of six, eight pages, and each said big on the cover "story by X, illustrations by Y". I figured they must be very nice grownups. Not like my parents who would not tell me a bedtime story.
    I have felt like Kyra at times when there were only (grownup) books in other language in the house. Well you begin to learn. You just go slow.
    Poor Kyra, she'll be OK.
    When she has grown into a big dinosaur, she should be able to read all the books in that little library AND to order a beer in any European country. Nice beer.

    • andrwblz says:

      It can be tough learning with nobody to teach you. And even if there was, could they even teach her correctly? We've seen that she thinks differently then us, so she probably learns differently too.
      But if you really want to do it then possibly you can. I'm sure Kyra isn't giving up without a fight. Then she too can borrow books and go to Europe. A whole new continent to discovery.

  8. Skytower says:

    She can't hope to track down each and every one of those people! Can she? She's Kyra, after all.

    For today's incentive you were thinking of "high dining", weren'tcha?

    • andrwblz says:

      I was thinking "I don't know what to draw today. What would be cute? Balloon ride! Why would she do that? Eat a bird!" Then there was drawing magic and there it was.

  9. Variable says:

    It may be time to pick up a grammatical english book

  10. Angela says:

    I have fallen in love with this comic. Kyra is so cute! makes me want to find a talking lizard.

  11. AgentParsec says:

    I'd randomly like to add that Akinator was able to guess Kyra in 20 questions! I consider that a good thing, considering it took more questions than that for it to guess Nicholas Cage. ^^

  12. fattypneumonia says:

    "HUGS. NOW."


    please. thankyou.

  13. Volc says:

    Alan Wake reference ftw! :D

  14. town says:

    Wonderful insight. I will exchange this rather quickly.

  15. Connors says:

    Just when you think she understood…

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