Why is it every time a story has an adorable talking animal it’s made just for kids?  I sent out to fix this with a comic about a supposed dinosaur named Kyra who, while being cute and friendly, is also violent by nature and unmoved by how dark this world is.  What is she and where did she come from?  Maybe we’ll learn more about her someday, but for now she’s just trying to figure US out.  Humans do some interesting things!

Originally this comic was updated in full chapters every other week, but it wasn’t working as well as I wanted.  Then the art was done by hand on paper and colored on the computer three times a week.  And now today I do it fully digital twice a week.  The main character is Kyra who, after getting bored from wherever she was, mails herself to an artist named Paul.  He’s a loser who doesn’t get out much.  Now watch as they get into over-exaggerated trouble.  This story does actually have a set length with an overarching story to it.  It’s just a long one that takes place over a short amount of time so far.

The comic with the simple art style has been going on for quite a while.  Though it first started out as a “hey I guess I’ll try a webcomic thing too” I’ve grown quite fond of it.  It’s a fun little project I do every night where I can either talk about the world of fast food, video games, or these crazy characters I’ve developed over the years.

Phil Likes Tacos was started in May of 2002 and has been going almost every day since then.  Sunday comes came that fall and I took two breaks early on for various reasons.  This is one of the longest webcomics on the internet with over three-thousand comics, another being added every single day.  Since I have many more ideas on where to take these characters, I can imagine making that number much larger in time.  Hopefully by then I’ve learned how to spell.

Wanting to try something different that actually requires some nice looking art, I made 95 Gallons.  A standalone and completed story about and aquarium where one fish tries to completely destroy the “world” because he can.  It’s a strange bit of satire but it was quite fun to do.  The best part was having to work with just a big pair of eyes and mouths for all the fish to express with.  The story is currently finished because I said all I needed to say, but I really did enjoy drawing fish.  Perhaps I could do something more someday.  But for now, we have our merry little story and I’m drawing dinosaurs now.

As long as I can remember drawing I’ve been drawing.  At some point I decided to try and get good at it.  I’ll let you know when I do.  But for now I’ll keep making a daily stick figure comic when I want to talk about video games or fast food.  I suppose I also make a story about my favorite cute dinosaur character ever.  Oh, and I spend a lot of time thinking about doodling when I’m at work wishing I could play a video game.

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  1. Michael says:

    I've been reading Phil Likes Tacos off and on for years now. I've been busy with other stuff, but now I want to catch up again. I don't play video games very often these days, and never have been much of a gamer, so I don't always get everything, but I still find Phil Likes Tacos enjoyable, and one of the the best, most consistent web comics I've ever found. Keep up the good work.

    • andrwblz says:

      Glad you keep coming back to enjoy it! The consistency is one of my strong points for PLT, as I always have something on my mind every night. If it's not video games then it's something about fast food or retail or some sort of work humor.

      There's plenty more to come, so hopefully you can continue visiting and seeing what everybody's been up to!

  2. Anonymous says:

    "Now a new page comes out three times a week. " -Kyra's About section

  3. I don't play video amateur actual generally these days, and never accept been abundant of a gamer, so I don't consistently get everything, but I still acquisition Phil Likes Tacos enjoyable, and one of the the best, a lot of constant web comics I've anytime found. Keep up the acceptable work.

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